If You Forget Me 如果你忘了我


By Pablo Neruda 作者: 帕布羅.聶魯達

I want you to know one thing 希望你知道
You know how this is 這是我的想法

If I look at the crystal moon 當我憑窗凝望

at the red branch 姍姍而來的秋日

of the slow autumn at my window  紅枝上的明月

If I touch near the fire 當我輕觸火堆旁

the impalpable ash, 似有似無的塵燼

or the wrinkled body of the log 或是褶皺層層的木柴

Everything carries me to you 我的心兒就會飛向你

As if everything that exists 似乎一切都有了

Aromas, light, medals, 芬芳,光明和榮譽

Or little boats that sail toward 就像小舟蕩向島嶼

those isles of your that wait for me, 那裏, 你等候著我

Well now. If little by little 然而,假若

You stop loving me,  你對我的愛情淡去

I shall stop loving you 我的愛火也會

Little by little. 漸漸熄滅.

If suddenly you forget me 如果瞬間你忘了我

Do not look for me 別來找我,

For I shall already have forgotten you. 因為我早已把你忘懷.

If you think it long and mad 我生命中

the wind of banners 過往的獵獵疾風

that passes through my life,  如果你嫌棄它過於悠長,瘋狂

And you decide to leave me 而決意離我而去

at the shore of the heart where I have roots,  在我愛情所深埋的心之岸

Remember, that on that day, at that hour, 記住, 彼時彼刻,

I shall lift my arms 我將舉起雙臂

And my roots will set off 搖斷愛的根脈,

to seek another land. 憩於他方.

But, if each day, each hour, 但是, 如果每時每刻

You feel that you are destined for me 如果你也感覺到你是我的真命天子

with implacable sweetness,  能共享奇妙的甜蜜

If each day a flower climbs 如果你迎向我的紅唇

up to your lips to seek me, 每天綻若鮮花

Ah my love, ah my own, 啊,我的愛人, 我心裏

in me all that fire is repeated,  所有的愛火將再度燃起,

In me nothing is extinguished or forgotten 永不會消失, 永不被忘記

My love feeds on your love, beloved, 我情因你愛而生, 愛人啊

And as long as you live 情長今生,

it will be in your arms without leaving mine.  不離你我臂彎.

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